Skill Development

skill development

Skill Development & Technical Training Facilities in Dhaka

Candidates seeking overseas employment face a problem with jobs, professional environment, language, culture, norms, gestures, postures, and many other things. Keeping these in mind we have partnered with Anwar Technical Training Center which offers training and induction courses, that does not only help overseas employment seekers but also the employers.

Our Training centers are highly equipped with all types of modern types of machinery and tools. More than 2500 trainees per year have been receiving Trade Course Completion Certificates from our training center.

Our Training center is approved by the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Foreign Employment, Govt. of Bangladesh. The center is located at a very suitable place for the capital city Dhaka.

We also undertake to train students below the poverty line at very negligible fees and empower them financially with various trades.

Our Objectives

  • To impart technical skills, further professional knowledge and facilitate the application of this education to real work situations.
  • To design educational programs and courses that meet contemporary needs.
  • To develop good technical skills and clarity in work and thinking.
  • To stimulate imagination, develop powers of reasoning and encourage the urge to discover, invent and innovate.
  • To create an awareness of the importance of teamwork and team players.
  • To promote leadership qualities.
  • To develop a sense of social awareness and understanding.
  • To develop an awareness of how to create and foster harmonious social interactions.

Available Courses

  1. Electrical (House Wiring)
  2. Electrical (Industrial)
  3. Mason (Plaster/Block/Marble/Tiles
  4. Steel Fixer (Rod Binder)
  5. Carpenter (Shuttering)
  6. Carpenter (Finishing)
  7. Plumbing (House)
  8. Plumbing (Industrial)
  9. Painter (Auto/Spray)
  10. Duct Fabricator/Insulator/Erector
  11. Welder (Normal)
  12. Welder (3g/4g)
  13. Welder (6g Positions)
  14. Welding (Gas)
  15. Aluminum Fabricator


  • Courses are conducted by Expert Engineers & Instructors.
  • All modern instruments are available for conducting practical training.
  • Separate classrooms are available for the teaching Engineering Plan & Drawing.
  • Facilities are available for conducting interviews of candidates as per the demand of employers.
  • An adequate favorable atmosphere is provided for the total training procedure.
  • Food and accommodation are provided at an economical cost.
  • Job Test/trade test are done here.


  • Generator & All-time security system.
  • The conference is provided for employers & recruiting agents.
  • Certificates are given on successfully completion of course.

How you can benefit from Our Training Center

No matter which area of the construction industry you are involved in, you can benefit from the Anwar Technical Training center. You now have access to an excellent training institute, with the faculty, course material, and facilities to impart practical, result-oriented programs.

Our Mission

To impart high-quality education, technical knowledge and provide a healthy environment which would help to produce confident, disciplined and courageous young professional to meet the challenges of modern technology.

Our vision

To pursue excellence in technical education by developing appropriate curricula and teaching practice acquiring talented faculty and providing an environment conducive to technical teaching and learning.

However, We would like to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for having passions studying this booklet and getting a complete idea of our services. We sincerely hope to be part of your business collaboration. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your queries.