Manpower Supply

manpower supply

Skilled & Semi-Skilled Manpower Supply from Bangladesh

The Chairman and CEO of the company Mr. Habibur Rahman are widely known and has a high reputation in Manpower Supply in the Middle Eastern Countries since 2001. He had been associated with several companies to cater to the necessary services to his valued clients.

In order to respond to the growing needs more effectively, he has launched his own company called AL-TAMIM OVERSEAS For his dynamic leadership and proactive management policy this company has earned unparalleled standing immediately on inception.

It has established its own large training center providing most modern training equipment and well-trained instructors.

It may be mentioned here that about 9. 0 Million Bangladeshis are now working abroad and this company has played a significant role in the accumulation of this figure.

AL-TAMIM OVERSEAS has been putting its ceaseless efforts in increasing this number to a greater extent. In Bangladesh thousands of graduates, diploma holders and certified technicians are coming out of government and private institutions every year.

Only part of this trained manpower is absorbed by the Bangladesh economy and the rest is available for employment abroad. AL-TAMIM OVERSEAS takes special efforts to choose and pick the best candidates for its clients.

Company Information

We are situated in the heart of the main business hub of management consist of professional staff who are actively company affairs. They each possess more than ten years of experience in the manpower business.

In addition to our own staff, we have on-call consultants from various disciplines who assist us in technical and specialized recruitment.

Area of Expertise

Our expertise in recruiting lines in all the fields of major, Engineering science & service industry sectors, we maintain a bio-data pool of prospective candidates to respond to the immediate needs of our clients.

In addition, according to the requirement of the clients, we source the right manpower through advertisement and our own contacts with industries, builders and sub-agents.

It has been our endeavor to always recruit manpower from an identical or similar field of work as specified by our clients.

We Care About

  1. Supplying the right person for the right job
  2. Ensuring fast and merit-based recruitment
  3. Arranging adequate facilities for visiting Employers/delegates
  4. Providing post recruitment service to the employer
  5. Giving various services to the candidates recruited through us.

About Bangladeshi Manpower

Bangladeshi workers possess good health and can cope with the climatic conditions of Middle Eastern countries. They can work 12 (twelve) hours a day without any problem or difficulties if additional allowances are provided.

Bangladeshi workers are obedient and loyal as well as sincere, honest and gentle. Our past experience shows that our foreign principals never found any complications or trouble in their projects with Bangladeshi workers.

Since English is taught as a compulsory subject here, along with the state language Bangla, our workers are acquainted with many English words and can easily receive instruction in English. Besides, Hindi and Urdu languages are well understood by most Bangladeshi citizens.

Major Available Resources for Manpower Supply

  1. Engineering Personnel
  2. Medical Professionals
  3. Hospital & Clinic Personnel
  4. Transport & Heavy Vehicle Operators and Mechanics
  5. Office Personnel/Administrative Staff/Accounting staff,
  6. Computer Expert (Software & Hardware)
  7. High & Low voltage Electrical Workers
  8. Air-Conditioning and refrigerator mechanics
  9. Hotel & Camp catering staff
  10. Agriculture and animal husbandry workers
  11. Ship & Navigation workers
  12. Mill & Factory workers
  13. Fabrication workers
  14. Iron & Steelworkers
  15. Machine tools workers,
  16. Oil refinery workers
  17. Food Industry workers
  18. Garment workers
  19. Paper Industry workers
  20. All kinds of civil construction workers
  21. Plantation workers
  22. Gardening and Forestry workers,
  23. Butchers
  24. Cleaning workers
  25. Supervisors/Foreman etc
  26. Sales personnel
  27. etc